Kenne, Kimberly President
Boulghourjian, Vruyr (Roy) Vice President
Bailey, Michelle R. Clerk
Phelps, Scott Clerk
Cahalan, Patrick Member
Pomeroy, Dr. Elizabeth Member
Torres, Lawrance (Larry) Member
McDonald, Brian Ed.D - Superintendent Superintendent
Phone: 626-396-3600 Ext:88090
Vacant Director, Child Nutrition

626-396-5850 Ext:89399
, Vacant Chief Human Resource Officer
Abrahamson, Ed.D., Margaret Executive Director, Human Resources
Blanco, Ed.D, Elizabeth Chief, Specialized Instructional Services
626-396-3600 Ext:88600
Cayabyab, Nelson Chief, Facilities Plan, Construction, Main. & Oper.
626-396-5850 Ext:89178
Fax: 626-798-1024
Chalian, Hoori Coordinator, Innovation and Intervention
Chukwumezie, Ph.D., Cyril Chief Personnel Commission Officer, Personnel Commission
626-396-3600 Ext:88409
Fax: 626-584-1658
Griggs, Bernadette Chief Business Officer
Fax: 626-432-1829
Harrington, Kahlil Director, Maintenance and Operations
626-396-5850 Ext:89099
Fax: 626-798-1024
Hill, Helen Director, Professional Development
626-396-3600 Ext:88205
Hudson, Ree Coordinator II, Head Start/State Preschool
Jamal, Tendaji Chief Technology Officer
626-396-3600 Ext:88981
Fax: 626-683-3706
Orona, Diana Administrative Services Manager
Fax: 626-795-5309
Rector, Ann Director, Child Nutrition
Fax: 626-584-1540
Reynoso, Julianne Assistant Superintendent, Elementary
Sahakian, Eric Assistant Superintendent, Child Welfare, Attendance and Safety
Fax: 626-793-9858
Sarian, Ed.D., Marisa Assistant Superintendent, Secondary K-12, Linked Learing
626-396-3600 Ext:88423
Fax: 626-795-5328
Toliver, Maria Cordinator, LEANs-Afterschool Program
Udo, Kingsley Director, Business Services
626-396-3600 Ext:88149
Ward, Christine Director, Procurement & Contracts
626-396-3600 Ext:88503
Fax: 626-577-5939