Garcia, Monica President
McKenna, George J. Vice President
Gonez, Kelly Member
Melvoin, Nick Member
Rodriguez, Ref Member
Schmerelson, Scott Member
Vladovic, Richard Member
Beutner, Austin Superintendent
Phone: (213) 241-7000
VACANT Assoc. Superintendent, Support Services
Bramlett, Ken Inspector General
Crain, Jefferson Board Secretariat
Daley, Glenn Director, Independent Analysis Unit
Del Cueto, Linda Local District Northeast Superintendent
Downing, Christopher Local District South Superintendent
Dunn, Jeffrey Executive Director, Gov't Relations & Legislative Affairs
Elam-Elllis, Nicole Supt. Executive Coordinator
Gipson, Frances Chief Academic Officer, Division of Instruction
Gould, Karla Personnel Director
Haber, Shannon Chief Comm. Officer, Office Communications
Hildreth, Cheryl Local District West Superintendent
Holmquist, David General Counsel, Office General Counsel
Hovatter, Mark Chief Facilities Executive, Facilities
Huerta, Jose Local District East Superintendent
Kauffman, Beth Assoc. Superintendent, Special Education
Khoury, Najeeb Director, Labor Relations
Martinez, Roberto Local District Central Supertendent
Melendez, Thelma Chief Executive Officer, Educational Services
Nacorda, Joseph Interim Local District Northwest Superintendent
Newman, Robert Special Assistant to Superintendent
Pappas, Diane Chief Executive Officer, District Operations & Digital Innov.
Pena-Sanchez, Alma Chief of Staff
Price, Scott Chief Financial Officer
Zipperman, Steven Chief of Police, School Police