Chiappe, Cristina President
Aguilar, Luciano A. Vice President
Mortara, Sergio R. Clerk
Bravo, Vicente Member
Krank, Dr. Eugene M. Member
Morgan (Ed.D.), Helen E. Superintendent
Ayala, Ed.D., Erika Director, Educational Services
Cancel, Reggie Technology Director
Collins, Michael Director, Special Projects
Kekula, Aneska Ines Purchasing Director
Kim, Jennifer Nutrition Services Director
Markarian, Ed.D., Brian Associate Superintendent, Human Resources
Moreno, Jose Fiscal Services Director
Pagniano, Mara Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Smith, Ed.D., Sonya Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Tamayo, Psy.D., Geraldine Director of Special Education
Uribe, Laura Executive Assistant
Velez, Louis Facilities, Maintenance & Operations Director