Kwok, Gino M. President
Fraumeni, Penny Vice President
Medrano, Martin G. Clerk
Chang, Dr. Joseph K. Member
Duarte, Gil Anthony Member
Parulan-Colfer, Cynthia Superintendent
Phone: (626) 933-3801
Babbitt, John Chief of Police and Safety
(626) 933-3899
Bui, Annie Thuy Tien Associate Superinendent, Business Services
(626) 933-3883
Figueras, Teresa Director, Early Primary Programs
(626) 933-6544
Meneses, Yvette Executive Director, High Schools
(626) 933-4305
Parulan-Colfer, Cynthia Superintendent
(626) 933-3869
Pilch, Scott Director, Personnel Commission
(626) 933-3920
Rojas, Jill Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
(626) 933-3830
Ruiz, Nancy Executive Assistant to Superintendent
(626) 933-3801
Tan, Dr. Thomas Director Network and Computer Services
(626) 934-4822