Lucero, Christina President
Vargas, Teresa I. Clerk
Dzib, Diana E. Member
Hernandez, Santos Jr. Member
Lopez, Carlos Member
Mendoza, Froilan N. Superintendent
Phone: (626) 856-4201
(Vacant) Director, Special Education
626.962.3311 Ext:4370
(Vacant) Deputy Superintendent, Business Services and Operations
626.962.3311 Ext:4208
Cazorla, Sergio Director of Business Risk Management and Benefits
626.962.3311 Ext:4451
Chang, Shirley Interim Assistant Superintendent of Business Services and Operations
626.962.3311 Ext:4556
Estrella, Rosa Director, Nutrition Services
626.962.3311 Ext:4562
Gray, Randy Assistant Superintendent, Student Achievement, K-6
626.962.3311 Ext:6017
Grow, John Director, Facilities and Operations
Hassler, Rick Director of Educational Technology and Support
626.962.3311 Ext:4276
Ibarra, Susan Director, Fiscal Services
626.962.3311 Ext:4292
Iwai-Ito, Noreen Senior Director, Support Services
626.962.3311 Ext:4592
Kerr, Ed.D, John Senior Director, Adult and Community Education
626.962.3311 Ext:4104
Khajavi, Hedieh Director, Classified Human Resources
626.962.3311 Ext:4305
La Turno, Laura A. Senior Executive Assistant
626.962.3311 Ext:4610
Mendoza, Froilan Superintendent
626.962.3311 Ext:4201
Fax: 4610
Noblett, Richard Director of Student Achievement
626.962.3311 Ext:4538
Poe, Jill Chief, School District Police
626.962.3311 Ext:4231
Rios, Maria Director of Student Achievement
626.962.3311 Ext:4282
Rivera, Ricardo Director, Early Childhood Education
626.962.3311 Ext:4344
Rojas, Samuel Director, Transporatation
626.962.3311 Ext:6099
Salazar, Angela Assistant Superintendent, Student Achievement
626.962.3311 Ext:4634
Steele, Thomas Senior Director of Administrative Services
626.962.3311 Ext:4443