McCafferty, Theresa President
Gaines, Matthew Clerk
Ballante, Dominique Member
Dutton, Jannie Member
Magana, Manuel Member
Zepeda II, Dr. Ruben Superintendent
Phone: (661) 944-2155 Ext:113
Vacant Manager Technology Services
(661) 944-4162
Vacant Assistant Supt. of Business Services
Vacant Director of Construction, Maintenance & Operations
(661) 944-1229
Goulet, Christine Categorical Program Specialist
(661) 944-2372
Hensley, Steven Director of Child Nutrition Services
(661) 944-4313
Hoffman, Bart Assistant Supt. Of Instructional Services
Lunneborg, Ward Director of Support Services
(661) 944-2372
Nestlerode, Stacey Supervisor of Business Services
Shook, Bonnie Health Services Supervisor
(661) 944-4058
Smith, Toray A. Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Zepeda II, Dr. Ruben Superintendent
(661) 944-2155 Ext:113