McGee, Dr. Carliss B. Advisory Board President
Brann, Mr. Donald State Trustee
Brown, Henry Member
Patino, Graciela Member
Talbott, Rene Member
Young, Dr. Johnny Member
Dr. Brann, Donald Superintendent
Phone: (310) 419-2705
Carter, Ms. Sherryl Director of Human Resources
(310) 419-2757
Chan, Mr. Tom Executive Director of Strategic Development Initiative
(310) 419-2776
Dominguez, Mr. Jose Chief Deputy Superintendent
(310) 419-2756
Franklin, Mrs. Sylvia Administrative Assistant to the Board/Superintendent
(310) 419-2706
Garza, Mr. James Executive Director of Secondary Support Services
(310) 330-4205
Howard, Mr. Douglas Director, School Improvement
(310) 419-2769
Lizarzaburu, Ms. Venecia Director of Categorical Programs
(310) 419-2779
Mazzarella, Ms. Peggy Interim Director of Special Education
(310) 419-3754
McCray, Dr. Stephen Executive Director of School and Community Relations
(310) 419-2748
Ring, Ms. Mary Chief of Staff
(310) 419-2700
Roque, Mrs. Nora Executive Director of Human Resources
(310) 419-2791
Rudek, Mrs. Tiffany Chief Academic Officer
(310) 419-2724
Tiger, Mr. Robert Director of Maintenance/Operations/Transportation
(310) 330-4411
Villa, Mr. Eugenio Chief Business Official
(310) 419-2718
Wheeler, Keith Director of Student Support Services